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Latest News

EveryMetric v1.03a Launched

Provides web analysis and analytics, tied with business process measurement.

Business Precision

Who or What isn't working? Can you tell?
You can´t run your business on Log Files, Impressions and Dashboards: You need to know that Targets are set and being hit. What isn´t performing?
Tie your web analytics together with business metrics to give you a true 'Customer Picture'. Business leaders need business information, and resultant action.

Target your business performance (sm)

Reports that fail to provide actions are a distraction!

Business Benefits

Detailed Campaign & ROI Tracking
+Manage offline and online campaigns against real-world targets.
Target your metrics
+Apply targets to any measurables on EveryMetric!
Understand Visitor Behavior
+Improve Site Conversions
+Understand your customers processes and their custom better.
Successful Merchandising
+Gain real insight into how your products perform in front of the customer
Low Cost of Ownership
+Lease the service and get started with no capital investment
True Global Service
+The service is available anywhere in the world