EveryMetric was developed to fill a gap in the market for tools enabling Enterprise´s to gain world-class reporting of their web businesses combined with target and goals setting across internet or external departments. Business Managers need more than web logs or technical statistics in todays fast-paced e-commerce environment. EveryMetric has a unique technology architecture and feature set allowing targets to be set on Business Level metrics which can turn your business events into targeted measurables.

This allows you, the Manager, to instantly see the effects of business change on your websites performace. The EveryMetric Model additionally allows you to extend this measurement into other areas of your business such as CRM, Sales and Point of Sales Software and Workflow. This helps to reduce the Total Cost of Ownership of expensive software implementations, by reducing the costs of expensive report generation and application integration.

The result? Business Managers can see and understand performace without the need to oggle and grasp Hits, 404´s, and Gigabytes of log files.

EveryMetric Uses Client-Side analysis techniques to guarentee you accurate results. Log File Analaysis can be up to 90% inaccurate in delivering you site usage information. On top of this, there is the added benefits of removing the storage issues with Log Files. The services can be delivered in an ‘Outsourced’ or ‘ASP’ model to reduce cost of investment and ownership, alternatively you can build custom services within your own network.