Benefits of Implementing EveryMetric.

Easy to Implement

Our products can be used in .Net / J2EE / Fat or Thin Client environments. The product can be implemented into static HTML web sites, server side scripted sites such as PHP, ASP, .NET, Java or Perl. In addition Server-side modules can enable scripted sites using C++, ISAPI, VB COM+, ASP.NET or ASP to use the system.

High Quality & Robust

Our product has been developed to the highest level of technical quality using C++ and PHP. The development environment and our approach is based upon over 30 years of developement and design experience delivering web and real-time applications.

Highly Scalable & flexible

EveryMetric is unique in the marketplace in offering flexbile metrics. You define what you want to measure and we will report on it. The system is extremely scalable and is available as both an Outsourced Model (or ASP) or as a server-based product to install on your own network.

Role based account management and reports

EveryMetric provides online account management tools to let you keep control of your data. You can reate user acounts for your team of managers and assign them rights through user roles. Reports are broken into departmental views to allow you to create the right custom view for each department.

Proactive information access from any desktop

You can track your targets without training, through a Web browser, from any location, should you find yourself our of the office. Users can easily view reports through self-service and control regular reporting or targets.