EveryMetric: Technology

We developed Everymetric having used and experiencing many of the products on the marketplace as users or developers. We felt there had to be a ‘better way’ to deal with reporting, both on web sites and across businesses. As businesses are by nature very diverse and due to the number of technical platforms to support, we decided to work as fully as possible to standards in order to help aleviate some of the integration issues faced.

We therefore offer several ways add world-class reporting to your website. These include:

Log files are large and difficult to maintain.

There is also a tendancy to avoid deleting them ‘just in case’! - For most web teams, administrators and marketeers there is a feeling that these mystical files will somehow, one day be useful for someting more technical than marketing or business use. This can sometimes be the case, but only with sophisticated review. We don´t advocate you throw them away however!