EveryMetric: The Services

We offer a variety of services to cover your needs. We recognise every business is different, particularly with regards to products and workflow, so we offer our services in ways that we hope best accomodate your needs. If not we are happy to help you adjust or ammend the services or help you to develop your own

We offer the EveryMetric service on a hosted basis. This means for you to start benefiting from our products you need only to make slight ammends to your web pages. These changes are covered in the Technology section of this website. Because we host the services ther are no additional charges for bandwidth, hosting, data storage or security. You also benefit from regular improvements to the service free of charge, and the ability to upgrade to new additional features immediately! For full details please click on the ASP Model menu item to the left.

If you are looking to amalgamate several metric sources such as CRM or sales software or are looking to add the benefits of the Everymetric service to software or websites on networks not attached to the Internet, we can provide our unique solution 'in-a-box' for you to install locally. For more information on this service please click on the ‘Onsite‘ Model' link to the left.

On top of product development EveryMetric is able to offer consultancy both on our own product suite and integration techniques, along with Data Warehousing and analysis, Business Intelligence, Effective Web Design and Development and Marketing.